New WordPress Video Tutorials from Theme Sellers

WooThemes and Viva Themes both recently announced (on the very same day) the release of their new video tutorials for WordPress users.

Introducing WooVideos

In one fantastic swoop, WooThemes has created a valuable resource of 17 videos. Several of these WooVideos will prove useful for WordPress users in general while the others provide help using features that are specific to premium themes produced by WooThemes. Some of their videos include:


  • Setting Up a Page Template
  • Setting Up Widgets
  • Working with the Sidebar Manager
  • Installing a WooTheme
  • How to Install WordPress
  • vs.
  • An Introduction to Theme Options
  • How to Upgrade Your WooTheme
  • How to Customize the Canvas Theme (four part series)
  • A Brief Tour of the Woo Framework
  • Best Practices for Customizing Your WooTheme
  • Getting Started with Woo SEO
  • How to Use Shortcodes

New Viva Themes Video Tutorials

Viva Themes has produced 15 video tutorials with the help of Alex Denning from WPShout, many of which are geared toward general users of WordPress. These are great resources for beginners that explain basic usage of WordPress, how to install themes and more.

  • How to install a WordPress theme
  • The basics of WordPress Posts
  • WordPress pages explained
  • How to create and manage categories
  • Adding widgets to your WordPress site
  • How to add an image to a page or post
  • Post or page featured images (thumbnails)
  • Configuring the WordPress custom menu
  • Changing the background of your WordPress site
  • How to embed a video in your content
  • How to set a static page in the front of your site
  • Managing the comments on your website
  • How to change page templates
  • Change the amount of posts per page in your blog
  • How to install a WordPress plugin

It’s wonderful to see the premium theme sellers providing such excellent resources not only for their customers but all WordPress users.

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