Coming Soon: “Premiere” Video WordPress Theme

WooThemes shared a sneak peak of an upcoming video theme for WordPress by Sacha Greif. From the sound of it, Premiere will be a feature-rich video website solution. I am personally looking forward to this release since I have found a large portion of video themes to be thin on features. Here is what WooThemes has said about their upcoming theme:

“…we’re building quite a few additional goodies into the initial release. We’ve also added an elaborate membership system to the roadmap for Premiere and whilst this won’t be ready for the first version, we’re planning on shaking things up considerably with this functionality.”

Here is the teaser from WooThemes:

Premiere WordPress Theme Preview

Expect Premiere to support video embedding from popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Hopefully it will also provide the ability to upload your own video files as some of the existing commercial video themes for WordPress do.

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