Making ThemeSorter More Useful—And New Coupons

If you have been reading our blog or keeping up with us on Twitter then you know that we are in the process of indexing premium WordPress themes from all reputable sellers.

The Game Plan

Our number one priority at this point is to fill our database with everything that is currently out there so that theme shoppers have the complete landscape of premium themes to explore. We project that we will reach this goal in two months (excluding the massive ThemeForest which we will tackle as a separate project later this year). The result will be about 1,000 themes from 70 sellers. Once we get to that point we will be able to focus more on new releases, previews, improved features, deals and special blog articles.

New Sellers Added

The most recent WordPress theme sellers to be added are Themes by, Theme Junkie, KreativeThemes and Blog Oh Blog.

New Coupons

We’re always on the lookout for coupons and deals for WordPress themes.

ThemeBaker was very kind to create an exclusive 20% discount for ThemeSorter users. Use coupon code THEMESORTER2011. We will be adding them to our site shortly.

ThemeFuse has also created an exclusive discount for ThemeSorter users. Enter coupon code THEMESORTER to save 20% on your order. They have some of the most unique and well-designed WordPress themes.

WooThemes just released Saving Grace, a WordPress theme for nonprofits and charity organizations. You can use coupon code SAVING11 for 11% off the cost of this new theme. This discount expires on May 3rd.

You can visit our sister site, CouponWP, for the latest coupons for WordPress themes, plugins and hsoting.

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Steven is the founder of and ChurchPage. His latest project is He's been building websites since the 90's. You can follow him at and on Twitter.
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