Customers to Theme Sellers: “Help Me Help You”

Having browsed nearly every page of more than 40 premium WordPress theme sellers, we have noticed certain bits of key information is sometimes missing or difficult to find. Can the theme be used on multiple websites? Can footer branding be removed? What exactly are the “8 custom widgets” for this theme? These are questions that may seem to have obvious answers to a seller familiar with their own product, but not to every customer.

To address this issue and help both customers and sellers, Joshua “Red” Russak posted Theme Sellers: 15 Things You Must Include on Your Website, a checklist of information that can help sellers improve their websites with information that potential new customers are looking for. Some sellers do a good job of providing complete details on FAQ and Pricing pages while others have a few holes that could be patched. We think if these holes are patched, both customers and sellers will benefit.

Remember, not everyone will ask questions. Some will simply go elsewhere to spend their money. “Help Me Help You,” silently says the customer.

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  1. Thanks for help in writing this article! You should put up the list on your website as well. We’re on to something great here!

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