More Sellers, More Themes, More Coupons

I would like to welcome several sellers that are new on ThemeSorter. These sellers make our database richer with 70 additional themes, three frameworks and some new coupons. It will be exciting to see what else these new sellers put out in the coming months. I will also share a Tumblog theme from this batch that really wowed me.

The Sellers

ProudThemes and Acosmin have some very nice themes. ThemeGarden is a growing WordPress theme marketplace created by Jason Schuller of the famedĀ Press75, so expect good things. ThemeShock (aka WordPressThemeShock) sells a bundle of more than 30 WordPress themes for $39. Themeopoly is one of the newer kids on the block. Crowd Favorite is the maker of the Carrington Core framework that is also new to ThemeSorter today.

ProudThemesAcosminThemeGardenThemeShockThemeopolyCrowd Favorite

The Frameworks

Catalyst is a very popular theme framework, StartBox is a real up-and-comer and Carrington Core is one of Crowd Favorite’s precision-coded babies.

CatalystStartBoxCarrington Framework

The Coupons

We like to help you save money on fine premium WordPress themes, so here are the latest deals.

A Standout Theme

If I were to highlight one new theme from the batch of new sellers it would probably be (actually, it is) Shaken Tumble, a microblogging (Tumblr-style) theme by Shaken & Stirred sold on the ThemeGarden marketplace.

Stay tuned for more great WordPress themes and coupons…

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