StartBox WordPress Theme Framework is Now Free

StartBox WordPress Theme Framework

Brian Richards announced over the weekend that StartBox is now free. This is very exciting news since it means that this powerful WordPress theme framework is now available to anybody for any purpose.

One benefit is that developers can now contribute to the StartBox project on Github. Another plus is that as a free framework we are likely to see more third party StartBox child themes. Even though StartBox has always been fully GPL-licensed, many theme developers had understandably been hesitant to package it with their commercial themes. Now as a free community-supported tool, this hesitancy should be lifted.

Speaking of child themes, StartBox currently sells seven of them and Brian mentioned that he is committed to releasing one new child theme each month (10 designs are already lined up). You can gain access to these child themes by joining the new¬†StartBox Developer’s Club for $100 per year (or $50 + $10/month).

This free framework with commercial child themes model is becoming a popular among framework developers lately (see PressWork). What do you think about this pricing model?


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