PressWork 1.0 Now Available at

PressWorkPressWork, the free WordPress theme framework that has been getting a lot of attention lately is now officially in high gear. PressWork 1.0 has been released. Meeting the requirements of the theme development checklist, it is now available at

This news means two things for you: 1) you can download/update PressWork via your WordPress dashboard and 2) you get to take advantage of a whole bunch of new features. Here is some of what is new in version 1.0 according to Brendan Sera-Shriar.

  • HTML5 semantic overhaul plus video and audio support
  • CSS updates (cross-browser compatibility, media queries)
  • Improved settings, layout, color and social media panels
  • Custom slideshow options
  • A Flickr widget
  • Language support (added .mo and .po files)
  • Security improvements

You may also want to take a look at the recently announced Briefcase, a set of advanced plugins that will be included with their upcoming commercial child themes. These plugins will provide additional help for CSS customization, search engine optimization and more.

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