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After having reached our goal of indexing 1,000 WordPress themes from nearly every seller this summer and establishing a routine for keeping up with new releases (plus coupons and news), we were able to focus on adding significant new features to ThemeSorter. These handy new features make finding the right WordPress themes even easier.

A More Informative Homepage

We’re busy here at ThemeSorter making several updates almost every day. Our new homepage provides an easy way for you to see what’s new. You can even filter the types of updates you want to see: new themes, coupons/deals, blog posts (previews, articles, news, etc.) and “news bits” (basically our tweets about minor news items not necessarily needing a full blog post).

The top of the homepage also has a big fat “Start Sorting” button to encourage new users to jump right in and start using our sorting tools. Remember, ThemeSorter is not just a directory—it’s a complete search engine with fine-grain filtering by category, features, colors, price, rating and other attributes.

New Homepage

Custom RSS Feeds and E-mail Subscriptions

Formerly you could only subscribe to our blog. That was cool but so more much happens beyond our blog. Now you can choose which types of updates (themes, deals, blog posts, news bits) and how you want them. In short, you can create a custom RSS feed or sign up for a daily e-mail containing only the things you are interested in.

Quick Links for Demos and Information

If you hover over a thumbnail when browsing for themes you now not only get an enlarged screenshot but a small menu that lets you jump straight to the theme demo, our details page or go directly to the seller’s “Buy” page. This is useful because you can check out theme demos without first having to go to the details page.

Quick Links

Similar Themes

We have a super sweet SQL query spit out thumbnails of similar themes (based on niches/categories) at the bottom of each theme’s details. This sort of thing on shopping websites is actually useful sometimes, isn’t it?

Similar Themes

Design and Usability Improvements

Typography – You may have noticed we changed the heading font. Google Web Fonts is fantastic but the wonderful thin Josefin Sans font we were using (same as our logo) did not render perfectly in every browser. We’ve switched to good old Lucida Sans / Lucida Grande for a better experience.

Price Display – We have pricing information for single site, multiple sites, developer license, membership yearly, annually and so on. It can be overwhelming to have all that thrown in your face at once so now we show the lowest price you’d have to pay to get the theme nice and big with a “pricing details” link that reveals full information if needed.

Buttons & Links – Links that take you to the theme sellers’ websites now open in a new tab/window so you can more easily return to where you left off on ThemeSorter. Also, to make it clear that ThemeSorter does not sell themes (we only help you find themes), we changed the “Buy” link to say “Buy / More Info at…”. This also makes it more clear to new users that more information is always available on the theme seller’s own website.

Typography, Price Display and Buttons

Other Improvements

  • Google +1 Buttons – everybody’s doin‘ it!
  • Improved Search Accuracy
  • Faster Page Load Times
  • Weekly Roundups will now be a regular thing (handy for blog-only subscribers)
  • Theme of the Month will be ongoing as well
  • And more, but we won’t bore you with things like minor bug fixes and the ability to close modal dialogs by clicking a semi-transparent background!

What’s Next?

Over the next few days we’ll be improving our categories by adding a few new niches and also by removing themes from niches that they ought not be in. For example, we have been placing Restaurant themes in the Business niche. But that’s not necessary. They only need to be in the Restaurant niche while the Business niche will be more for corporate type websites.

Other than that, what’s next is more new themes, more new coupons, previews and relevant news. We hope you are finding ThemeSorter to be useful. If you have any comments or suggests, please let us know.

About Steven Gliebe

Steven is the founder of churchthemes.com and ChurchPage. His latest project is HostingReviews.io. He's been building websites since the 90's. You can follow him at stevengliebe.com and on Twitter.
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