Peaxl WordPress Theme Shop Launches with 50% Discount


Peaxl is a new WordPress theme shop started by Francis Chouquet, Thibaut Ninove and Gilles Vauvarin.

This is a project they first began in 2010 so you can expect that it has been well thought out. Their approach is to make parent themes and child themes for those parent themes in order to give you common features and variety at the same time. This also makes updates easier since most updates will be made to the parent theme alone. The parent themes will also appeal to developers and designers who want a solid starting point.

All of their themes are responsive (they adapt to all screen sizes including mobile devices), ready for translation (each includes English and French translations), use Google Web Fonts and leverage valid HTML5/CSS3 code. At the time of launch, they have one freelance/portfolio type parent theme that three child themes utilize. You can see these themes below.

The 50% Off Coupon Code

Oh, and use coupon code PXL-LAUNCH for 50% off. This deal expires Thursday (September 1, 2011) but let’s hope they cave under our immense pressure and extend it for one more week since people are still just hearing about Peaxl’s launch.

Peaxl’s WordPress Themes

Be sure to look at the live demos and resize your browser window to see how the layout adapts accordingly to different screen sizes. The first theme below is Aeronef ($49), their first parent theme. The other three are child themes that cost $19 apiece in addition to your single purchase of Aeronef.

Aeronef WordPress Theme

PureChild WordPress Theme

Onefolio WordPress Theme

PEAX02 WordPress Theme

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