PageLines Announces a PageLines 2.0 Marketplace and LeContest

PageLines 2.0 Store LeContest

Marketplaces for specific WordPress theme frameworks are all the rage lately. First we saw the StudioPress Marketplace, then the Catalyst Marketplace and soon we will see The PageLines Store. PageLines is taking things a step further, though. What they intend to do is create a sort of “app store” for sections, themes, plugins that work with the new version of their drag-and-drop framework, PageLines 2.0. The updated framework and store will go live on December 8.

“Before the PageLines Store when you purchased a WordPress theme or framework you were stuck with what it gives you. If it didn’t have the type of feature slider you want, or a carousel, guess what you’d have to do…the PageLines Store solves that problem for good. If you want to add new type of widget, sidebar, slider, etc… you’ll be able to find it on the Store then simply drag and drop it into your site – Presto! And you’re done.”

For Developers: LeContest

Developers will be able to submit products and receive 70% of every sale. If you want to get involved, check out LeContest. Thirty contestants will have their products featured in the store at launch. You only have three weeks though, so get busy! Oh, and several of those developers will win an all expenses paid trip to LeWeb 11′ in Paris this December. How’s that for motivation?

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