Introducing Okay Themes by Mike McAlister

Okay Themes

If you follow WPCandy, you might remember a highly commented on article by popular ThemeForest author Mike McAlister titled A Hypercritical Analysis of $35 WordPress Themes. In his opinion (and many agree), ThemeForest prices are too low compared to other theme shops with comparable quality WordPress themes who are charging $50 to $75 a pop and able to use those resources to provide adequate support. Now it cannot be denied that several ThemeForest authors are wildly successful, but the fact of the matter is that it can still be difficult to provide “optional” support for a complex theme that only nets the designer $15 to $25 after ThemeForest’s share.

Introducing Okay Themes

So with that said, we are happy to welcome Okay Themes to ThemeSorter. This is Mike’s brand-new one-man WordPress theme shop in which he will experiment with selling his ultra-clean, modern designs directly to you. The cost per theme during this introductory period is $25 a pop. Yes, that is less than ThemeForest! But don’t worry, he assures us that prices will increase in January. You can also buy a pack of all four current themes for $50. Unlike the ThemeForest license, you can use themes from his new shop on multiple websites. Support is available in his forum. Oh, and you can play Tetris on his website.

Learn more by reading the introduction on Okay Themes’ blog.

A Look at the Themes

Okay Themes has four WordPress themes so far, all of which can be found on ThemeSorter.

Structure WordPress Theme


Structure is a WordPress theme ideal for creative people who want to show there work on a website that doesn’t put their blog in the back seat. There is a slider on the homepage handy for showing images and videos plus a secondary slider that shows your latest blog posts. Naturally, there are also full-blown portfolio and blog sections.

$25 (Multiple Sites), Live Demo

Element WordPress Theme


Element is a squeaky clean portfolio theme for WordPress. You can use it to show off your design projects, artwork, photos or whatever else it is that you create. It’s handy for businesses, freelance pros and personal websites. The gallery has some nice touches. There are filterable categories, Quicksand transitions and video support.

$25 (Multiple Sites), Live Demo

Mission Control WordPress Theme

Mission Control

This is a single page portfolio WordPress theme by Mike McAlister. The menu scrolls to sections (about, portfolio, blog, etc.). What’s really neat about it is that even though it is on one page, it offers you the ability to really create a complete site. When you click a portfolio item, for example, it opens in a lightbox with full details and even comments. The blog works the same.

$25 (Multiple Sites), Live Demo

Scribe WordPress Theme


Scribe is a WordPress theme made for writers. It has a clean design with several real-world elements including stitching and tape. The background has a slight texture which adds to its interestingness as well. One special feature of this theme is Editor Styles which make it possible for you to see how your post will appear on site while you type.

$25 (Multiple Sites), Live Demo

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