Win Everything From AppThemes! Enter the ThemeSorter Birthday Giveaway

ThemeSorter Birthday Giveaway with Prizes from AppThemes

Update: ThemeSorter Birthday Giveaway Winners Announced

Today is ThemeSorter’s first birthday. We completed our first year with more than 1,000 WordPress themes from 80 different theme sellers. It looks like we are now the largest filterable, human-managed commercial WordPress theme search engine. You be the judge, but we think that means we have something useful going on here. Thanks goes out to everybody who has used our website and supported us during this first year.

But enough about us, let’s move onto what you really care about: birthday presents — for you!

Win Everything From AppThemes — Forever

Our friends at AppThemes have been generous enough to supply prizes to 13 winners of the ThemeSorter Birthday Giveaway. Three people will win a membership that includes all of their themes (including future releases) and 10 more will win the theme of their choice.

If you are not familiar with AppThemes, they are known for producing ultra-niche WordPress themes of high quality. They don’t rush things — they do them right, which is why they have had 10,000 customers. Their themes include ClassiPress (classifieds), Clipper (coupons), JobRoller (job listings) and Quality Control (bug tracking). One more theme that will be out very soon is Vantage (business directory).

AppThemes WordPres Themes

Grand Prize — AppThemes Club Developer ($349 value)

The grand prize winner will receive the AppThemes Club Developer package. This is their big-kahuna offering.

  • Access to all current themes
  • Access to future releases (yes, really)
  • Lifetime updates
  • Photoshop PSD files

Second Prize — AppThemes Club Standard ($249 value)

The second prize winner will receive the AppThemes Club Standard package. This is AppThemes’ most popular offering.

  • Access to all current themes
  • Access to future releases
  • Lifetime updates

Third Prize — AppThemes Club Standard ($249 value)

The third prize winner will also receive the AppThemes Club Standard package. However, this winner won’t feel as special as the second prize winner.

  • Access to all current themes
  • Access to future releases
  • Lifetime updates

Ten Runner Up Prizes — Choice of Any Theme ($99 value each)

Ten runners up will receive their choice of one standard edition theme.

  • Your favorite theme
  • Lifetime updates

Entering is Easy…

Entries will be accepted for two weeks, until Tuesday, February 21. Winners will be selected at random and announced on February 22. Just follow these instructions. It will only take a moment to enter.

  • Post a comment below. Tell us which AppThemes theme you are most interested in and how you would use it. For example, “I would like to use Clipper to make a coupon site for organic dog food products.” Do this and you’re entered to win.
  • Tweet to double your chances. You may optionally hit the “Tweet” button below to tweet this blog post for an additional entry. Feel free to rewrite the message but keep #tsgiveaway and the URL intact.


Until February 21

Rules: Entries will be accepted from 12:00 am (CST) February 7, 2012 to 11:59 pm  (CST) February 21, 2012. Entry by blog post comment is required (maximum one per person). Additional entry via Twitter “tweet” is optional (maximum one per person). Users found to have entered with multiple comments or multiple Twitter “tweets” will be disqualified. Thirteen different winners will be selected at random on February 22, 2012. Winners will be announced on this blog and contacted directly by e-mail or Twitter. Employees and relatives of employees of DreamDolphin Media, LLC and AppThemes, LLC are not eligible for entry.

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Steven is the founder of and ChurchPage. His latest project is He's been building websites since the 90's. You can follow him at and on Twitter.
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196 Responses to Win Everything From AppThemes! Enter the ThemeSorter Birthday Giveaway

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d use the FoodPress theme for a niche recipe site I’m working on.

  2. I have couple of websites that i could use a new theme for. I am interested in the whole package. Vantage for a business directory of my hometown, ClassiPress for a free classifieds.

  3. Richard says:

     I love them all and I could use them all to build a good website 😉 , specially job roller and quality control themes , hope I will 😉

  4. Mike says:

     As outdoor photography and activities are my development niche, it would be great to implement themes like Picture Box Portfolio, Photography, and the outstanding Trine theme from ThemeForest.

  5. Allyn Bencen says:

    I know that I could utilize and display these themes magnificently. I am thankful for an opportunity like this. Thank you so much.  

  6. Ricardo says:

    I would like to use Classipress for a local classifieds website.

  7. Mark Bailey says:

    I’d use Clipper to create a coupon portal/blog. I’d differentiate it from other sites by adding informative content on extreme coupon saving, avoiding scams, etc.

  8. Wendell Harness says:

    I would like to use all of them, actually. Probably the first would be JobRoller so I could build a job listing site for Geomatics Professionals.

  9. pablolarah says:

    I would use it View for a client’s website.

  10. Mirsalehimail says:

    i would like to win ClassiPress to be used on a my classifieds project

  11. codyeverett says:

    Definitelty want to use Vantage for a local green contractors directory. This is definitely needed in my area!

  12. John says:

    Clipper could make a good diference for my promotion blogs. It has a great design and I would love to have it.

  13. Adam Connell says:

    I would love to try clipper to create a few different sites actually since it’s so powerful, a coupon site for electronics products – I know how difficult it is to find sites like this that actually work, so this would work beautifully and the second site would be for web hosting/domain registration type coupons – whenever I try to find stuff like this in the past it’s either out of date or the theme sucks or is just standard and pretty useless – Clipper would make any coupon related site work beautifully. 

    I’d really like to use quality control on two different sites actually, the first being for a ticketing system for when I start releasing my own products and the second would be as a project management system for my business because it would just make everything so much more straight forward for us, before checking out these themes I’d never considered how perfectly something like quality control theme would work. 

    And I’d like to use the rest for something well anything really… simply for the sake of using them because they look so awesome, then I could sit back in awe or how sexy my sites were looking.

  14. Luiz Marques says:

    I’d like to get the whole package, of course – but Vantage seems like the most interesting for my actual use. I’d like to make a local restaurant directory.

  15. Valerie Cudnik says:

    CityGuide from Woo. I have a great concept for small town city directories using a multipress installation. CityGuide looks like it would take a lot of the work out of it for me.

  16. Andrewcase18 says:

    I would love to use Vantage for a farming database where people in my city can source local harvesting products.  Right now, big corporations are starting to enter into my city and it would be really nice to connect farmers with people looking for locally sourced food.

  17. Andrew says:

    I would love to use the Vantage app for my sports related directory. I have over 10,000 followers waiting for this theme and and we’re ready to rock!

  18. Mike says:

    I absolutely love Quality Control theme. It is simple, intuitive and yet feature-rich to power a part of our intranet.

  19. WPHead says:

    I would love to win a copy of Clipper, which I would use to develop a great coupon related domain I have. The website would be geared towards webmaster coupons. Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  20. Dayabaran G says:

    I would like to use Jobroller theme as I run an educational site, and that would make an ideal additional site for posting internship, part time jobs etc..

  21. Cecilia says:

    Happy birthday!!!!
    Here’s hoping I can celebrate too with one of you fantastic themes :)

  22. Cecilia says:

    Happy birthday!!!!
    Here’s hoping I can celebrate too with one of you fantastic themes :)

  23. Howard James says:

    TBH I will find a use for any of the AppThemes. I’ve shedloads of domains that could be put to good use either for classifieds, Jobs or coupon sites. Really looking forward to their Vantage them though :-) keep up the good work all. Thanks

  24. nasour says:

     I would like to use Clipper to make a coupon site for wp and joomla template products.

  25. hamed says:

    Third Prize — AppThemes Club Standard
    i love you themesorter

  26. Tea Trade says:

    I’ve been planning to get my hands on the Clipper theme for ages, once I figured out how often a particular keyword for my niche is searched, I knew right away that the Clipper theme was the solution for me. I even bought the domain name to get things ready.

    Please pick me!

  27. EricD says:

    I’m moving our school over to a total WP solution and there are several themes here that would help. Universidad would give us a good start.

  28. Anonymous says:

    My favorite theme is Classipress, and I’d use it to create a classified page for university students (free to use). I think that we’re lacking a simple to use student-to-student classifieds webpage, and I think classipress presents an ideal platform for this. Thanks!

  29. MHTXpress7 says:


    i love ClassiPress this a best theme

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to get my hands on ClassiPress so that I can replace my osclass based classified site with it.

  31. Shea Bunge says:

    I would love to use Quality Control to create a project tracking site.

  32. ALiReza Ch says:

      I Like AppTheme because They Are Perfect…

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to use vantage to my advantage!

  34. Mhd Fadhil says:

    Hi , My name is Fadhil I’m Freelancer web developer .. I’m interesting in vantage apptheme and I would like to make IT schools directory for my country ..

  35. Jan2004 says:

    I would like to use the vantage theme, for a business directory for a restaurant and bars website in our city. Happy Birthday !!!

  36. ThemePremium says:

    I would like to win a copy of Clipper, which I would use to develop a webmaster coupon related domain I have. 

  37. I would love to use Quality Control to help organize web edits for a non-profit I work for. It looks so much simpler and cleaner then the current one I am using :)

  38. All themes are unique compare to common premium themes out there but I love to steal even just the ClassiPress theme.

  39. CheeseGromit says:

    I’m new to App Themes, so can’t say which theme I like the most yet but from what I see, I’m leaning toward the jobs and classifieds themes. Actually they all look pretty cool!

  40. Bitcoin says:

    hello, I would love to win Vantage as I have 12 business directories

  41. Spencerbug2000 says:

    I am interested in ClassiPress because i am starting a new web site on my college campus for trading between students through classified ads

  42. WS says:

     Hi, I’ve been waiting and looking forward to using the Vantage Theme to develop a Schools Directory for my Country.  Hope it comes on-stream soon.

  43. Chi says:

    I’d like to try using Quality Control for planing our performances and shows for a group of athletes 

  44. Incio says:

    Dear ThemeSorter, I could use all of the functionality that the whole AppThemes Club Developer package offers.
    I could use:
    ClassiPress (classifieds) – to post on my page that I have won tha package 😉
    Clipper (coupons) – having won tha Package I would happily release coupons for my clients
    JobRoller (job listings) – well, after I win the Grand Prize, I could use some extra staff to manage more of my AppThemes based websites
    Quality Control (bug tracking) – I could use this theme so my newly found employees could maintain the quality of all the services based on the themes I won
    Vantage (business directory) – with all the new websites set up on my new ClassiPress, Clipper, JobRoller, Quality Control I could certainly use a directory.

    So there is only one person that could really improve others lives by winning tha Grand Prize.

    If I win i promise to tell other people visiting my websites that I have won a grat prize from ThemeSorter and AppThemes – don’t miss that!

    Thank You!

  45. Jermaine says:

    Hi Themesorter & App Themes! I just want to give Appthemes some love because of what they’ve created! They are by far the best when it comes to creating useful business, and community focused themes. No other themes even come close. Their layouts are so clean and everything just pretty much works.

    Currently i am working on my business and im using classipress. I would like to use classipress to create the ultimate marketplace for the Event Service & General Service Industry in California. I believe we need something better than craigslist, something more professional looking and better detailed, that allows Business/Services to promote their business. Classipress is the ultimate tool. I also plan on using Vantage to create the actual business directory as well as Job Roller to cater to the Job industry. I’m working on building this useful niche marketplace.

  46. Denis Ciumbargi says:

    I represent an Non Profit Organization dedicated in creating a community website for people with cancer or laeukemia, building on online community for them and also building a database with the user to be available to the clinics in Romania. I would use apptheme, any of them as long as they will improve the quality of our online services.

  47. evtikawebdesign says:

    I would like to use Vantage as a local business directory in my community, as well as a business directory for web designers in my area. Thanks!

  48. my new project needs JobRoller

  49. Ethical says:

    I’m currently using Classipress as a business directory, but am desperately awaiting the release of Vantage to do the job as intended. Can’t wait!!

  50. Ooha says:

    I am interested in jobroller and classipress just because i simply like them most