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Comparing Premium WordPress Theme Clubs

WordPress Theme Clubs Compared

Many WordPress theme sellers give you the option of buying themes individually or joining their club. Some theme clubs are small, some are large and some focus on a certain niche while others provide a variety of themes. Some theme clubs release a new theme every two months and some release two themes every month. Is it worth it to join a theme club? Full Post

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New WordPress Video Tutorials from Theme Sellers

WooThemes and Viva Themes both recently announced (on the very same day) the release of their new video tutorials for WordPress users. Full Post

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An Introduction to Premium WordPress Themes

A whole lot of people are now discovering that WordPress has developed into an incredibly flexible publishing platform that, especially when combined with a premium theme, can be used to create and manage nearly any kind of website. To help this along, we have written a few articles about what WordPress and premium themes are and how they can be used together to achieve a professionally designed turn-key website with a relatively small investment of time and money. Full Post

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