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Using WordPress and Premium Themes

Using WordPress and Premium Themes

WordPress is web software (written in PHP) that you upload to your web host. That might sound complicated if you're a beginner but remember that the self-hosted version of WordPress is in use by more than 25 million people and they can't all be geniuses! Here's an overview of how you can use WordPress with a premium theme to create a powerful website.

  1. Get Your Premium Theme
    Search our database to find a theme that meets your needs. You can sort through professional themes from many different sellers.
  2. Get Web Hosting and
    Web hosts provide "space" for your website on the Internet. When signing up, you will be asked if you want to register a domain name ( Typical hosting ranges from $10 - $30 per month depending on the level of service and a domain name can be registered for under $20 (yearly).
  3. Install WordPress and Your Theme
    Many hosts now have "one-click" installation for WordPress. Or, you can download WordPress then install it on your hosting using the "Famous 5 Minute Install" instructions from WordPress. The seller of your theme will provide instructions for installing your theme into WordPress.

If you get stuck at any point, contact your theme provider or web host. As their customer, they should be more than willing to assist you.

Also feel free to contact us if you have questions about getting started.

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