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Why Premium WordPress Themes?

Why Premium WordPress Themes?

You're in the right place if you're wondering what exactly a premium WordPress theme is. Simply put, premium is a designation given to professionally designed themes for WordPress. For a more detailed explanation of what a premium theme is, read on...

Premium WordPress Themes

What can you do with a premium theme?

You can use a premium WordPress theme to create a website that features a professional design and a user-friendly content management area. Vast technical expertise and incredible design talent is not needed. The experts have taken care of the hard parts so you can save time and money.

The flexibility of WordPress is so great that professional designers are able to create themes that power all kinds of "turn-key" websites. For example, magazines, image galleries, businesses, e-commerce sites, real estate listings, churches, bands, video, travel, hotels, restaurants —sorry, that list was going to go on forever. There are also general use and good old fashioned blogging themes.

What do premium themes include?

Premium WordPress themes typically include the following benefits (always check with the seller).

  • Professional Design
    Just take a look at any of the premium WordPress themes in our database to see what we mean.
  • Robust Customization
    Premium themes usually have specially prepared options for configuring site name/logo, fonts, colors, layout, features, etc.
  • Exclusivity
    Since non-premium themes are free, more people use them. A premium theme gives you a more unique web presence.
  • Customer Support
    Since premium themes are not free, you get on-demand support, helpful user guides and sometimes bonus tutorials.
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
    Serious websites work with all major browsers. Professional designers know that every visitor should be able to use your site.
  • Theme Updates
    Premium theme sellers make updates to their themes when necessary. This helps maintain compatibility and security.
  • Niche Solutions
    Professional theme designers are aware that there are many different needs for websites, as evidenced by 69 niches on ThemeSorter.
  • Added Functionality
    WordPress allows themes to affect more than the looks of a site. Premium themes often have theme-specific features.
  • Color Schemes & Styles
    Many premium themes include multiple color schemes and layout styles so you can pick your favorite.
  • Valid Code
    A large portion of premium theme designers go the extra mile to produce code adhering to coding standards.
  • Photoshop PSD Files
    The original layered graphic files are often included. This is usually for designer/developer users who want to edit graphics.

Premium Themes are Low Cost

By using a premium WordPress theme, you get a professionally designed website that rivals the best out there for a fraction of what you would pay a web designer/developer. Most premium themes cost between $40 and $80 (don't forget about the coupons and deals either). The WordPress software itself is free (thanks to a fantastic community of developers and users). Theme pricing varies per seller. Usually you are offered the option to buy an individual theme or a package that contains all of a seller's themes.

  • Single Site License
    You can use the theme on one website.
  • Multiple Site License
    You can use the theme for as many websites as you want.
  • Developer Option
    A multiple site license with Photoshop PSD files (many sellers provide PSDs for all customers)
  • All Themes Package
    Some sellers offer considerable savings by providing all of their themes together for one price.
  • Membership/Club
    Sellers that frequently release new themes often sell memberships which give access to all current and future themes. You can cancel and keep using the themes you already downloaded.

That's basically it! You can learn more about WordPress or go ahead and Find a Premium WordPress Theme for your site.

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