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WordPress for Everything


The self-hosted version of WordPress is web software that can be used to power nearly any type of website. It started off just for blogs but has matured into a highly flexible publishing platform. If WordPress is the brains then themes are the looks. There are more than 1,000 premium themes for that can be used to create all kinds of websites.

The Magnitude of WordPress

WordPress has developed over the years into a highly used popular piece of web software. Here is some information that evidences the greatness and usefulness of WordPress.

  • Over 25 Million WordPress Sites
    According to statistics from the WordPress site, there are more than 25 million active self-hosted WordPress sites. By our observation, a copy of WordPress software is downloaded just about every second (see the live download counter).
    Premium WordPress Themes
  • 14% of Top 1 Million Sites Use WordPress
    Did you even know there were 1 million websites? There are many more than that, but what is stunning is that according to Wikipedia 140,000 of the most visited 1,000,000 websites use WordPress!
  • Trusted by Big Names
    The impressiveness of WordPress development over the years is proven by who is using it. The Wall Street Journal and British Prime Minister are a few of many big names that trust WordPress. Take a look at some of the featured WordPress-powered sites.

Core WordPress Features

Here are a few of the core reasons WordPress is useful. The main reason WordPress is great is that when combined with a premium theme, you can get a website online that is both professionally designed and easy to manage —all with little investment of time and money (WordPress itself is free).

  • Custom Themes
    Themes can be installed to completely change the look and even functionality of WordPress. There are many different themes available to meet a variety of niche needs such as for restaurants, portfolios, businesses and many more. Premium themes for WordPress offer professional designs, robust features and support from the sellers/designers. Read Why Premium Themes? to learn more.
  • WordPress Content Management
    Content Management System
    WordPress provides an administration area that you log into to manage the content of your site. This means you (and optionally others) can write content, upload images and organize your site without technical knowledge. Premium themes usually add an additional area to administration for you to customize various aspects of the theme (logo, colors, features, etc.).
  • Updates & Support
    The software is in continual development and constantly being improved. What this means for you is that it is frequently updated to ensure compatibility and security plus new features. There is even an automatic update feature! WordPress is very well documented and help is often found on the community support forum (premium theme sellers provide support for their own themes).

How To Use WordPress & Themes

Read to Using WordPress and Premium Themes to learn how to get your site online.

Visit to learn more about WordPress. You may also want to read Why Premium Themes?.

Browse through our database of Premium WordPress Themes to see what's possible. We catalog themes from many sellers to make finding them easy.

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