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Visual Photoblog/BuddyPress WordPress Theme from DevPress

Visual Photoblog/BuddyPress WordPress Theme

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Visual is a truly unique theme. It combines photoblogging, microblogging and community features all while remaining very simple and easy to use. In fact, you don't have to configure anything in order for this theme to work. The microblogging features come from WordPress post formats. You can quickly and easily post different types of content, including articles, quick notes, photos, videos, quotes, links and even music or audio clips.

The homepage shows all of your different types of posts on the homepage in three columns, with the newest posts showing at the top thanks to jQuery Masonry. There is also an alternate homepage template that shows large images if you want to create a heavier photoblogging experience. Community features such as groups, private messaging and even discussion forums are courtesy of the BuddyPress plugin, should you choose to take advantage of Visual's integration with it.

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Theme Features

Post Formats

Visual takes advantage of every WordPress 3.1+ post format: standard (article), aside, image, gallery, link, quote, status, audio, video and chat.

Audio Embedding

Audio clips and music can be posted with Visual thanks to the audio post format.

Auto Image Resizing

The images you upload will be automatically resized.

Drop-down Menus

Visual's menus utilize drop-down submenus for user-friendly navigation.

BuddyPress Integration

Visual integrates with the BuddyPress plugin in order to add a community aspect (groups, forums private messaging, etc.).


You can add and arrange widgets on your site using Visual.

Large Image Template

It is possible to use the large image template to feature large images on the homepage. This is useful for pure photobloggers.

Video Embedding

Video clips such as from YouTube or Vimeo can be embedded into posts. They will automatically be shown in a special way when you specify the video post format.

Options Panel

Visual comes with a basic options page, although none of the options are required.

jQuery Masonry Integration

Visual uses jQuery Masonry to fit elements nice and snug into columns without interfering with ordering.

Threaded Comments

Your users can interact with each other by replying to one another's comments.

Other Features

  • Fixed Width
  • Top Menu
Visual is a premium theme for the self-hosted (.org) version of WordPress (read this). Premium themes typically include support and updates. Visit DevPress for complete information and contact them if you have any questions.

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