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What Else Should Newbies Know about League of Legends Ranking System

As an avid LoL player you can get coaching for League of Legends ranked games if you’re a newbie still experiencing difficulty in getting past ranked matches. Comprehend that ranks reset at the end of every season, although the 2023 season is different because Riot Games decided to split the year into two events. The first split transpired from January to July 17, 2023 while the second split began immediately in July 19.

League of LegendsAlthough Riot Games has yet to announce the official end date of the second half, the anticipated end date is some time in the latter part of November or in early December. The recommendation to get LoL coaching is to help players improve their game play and playing style, in ways that will empower them to grind and reach a higher rank before a reset takes place at the end of each season. Now that the rank season has been split into two, it denotes that ranks will reset twice during the year.

What Newbie Players Should Know about Ranked Matches

The rank reset event that transpires at the end of every season is all part of the League of Legends ranking system. However, prior to the 2023 split season event, Riot Games had introduced two stages to the division. The first was the Iron level, which became the lowest rank, replacing Bronze to be exact. Next came the Emerald Level, coming right after Platinum but before the Diamond Level.

League of Legends dravenAlong with the nine rank levels to surpass from Iron to Bronze, Silver. Gold and Platinum, and then Emerald, Diamond, Master and Grand Master, to be able to attain the highest LoL title of Challenger. Playing LoL is not just about winning ranked matches because the real procedure that determines a player’s LOL ranking is the Matchmaking Rating (MMR).

What Exactly is the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) System

The LoL Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system gives rise for the need to reset player ranks after every season because it is the system that determines the real or actual rank of a player. While the rank number is not known to all players, the MMR system provides the basis that the game’s algorithm uses in queuing and matching players with similar MMR. That way, player who face each other in ranked matches on equal footing.
LoL players maintain a visible rank, different from the hidden MMR. The algorithm not only looks into a player’s skill but also into how many times players have engaged in ranked matches.

More often than not, those are the highly skilled players that remain stuck in low elo ranks. It could also be case in which a player got a smurf to play LoL on his behalf but not for ranked matches.

New LoL players should also know that playing ranked matches garner League Points (LP). While a player can gain as many as 20 points when a match is won, he can also lose 20 if he loses a match. However, the number of LPs awarded to a player depends on how far a player’s rank is to the MMR.