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WordPress Website Creation for Windows 10 PC Business

Do you have a PC business which has a Windows 10 operating system? Are you just starting and you want to attract potential buyers and showcase the products and services that you can offer? Having a WordPress website is a helpful tool for you to achieve that for your PC business.

Basic Guide on How to Build a WordPress Website for Windows 10 PC Business

Below is a step-by-step guide in creating a website through the WordPress platform:

STEP 1: Select a Domain Name and Web Hosting

In general, the address of your website is the domain name, for example, The good news is that providers of WordPress hosting usually cater packaged services that include domain registration and web hosting.

STEP 2: Install WordPress

Hosting providers have a service known as one-click WordPress installation. Most of them usually offer this service for business owners who require to install WordPress platform.

STEP 3: Select a Theme

The design and layout of your website may depend on the themes under WordPress. If you would pick a theme, make sure that it generally fits the branding of your business and its target audience.

STEP 4: Create Essential Pages

Various WordPress pages are available and are crucial in helping your website promote your business. Through the homepage, you can highlight the services your business has to offer. For example,  you can introduce your company’s seamless process on Windows 10 product key installation or a simple and quick PC upgrade.

You can also utilize the About Us page where you can establish the trust of potential customers. The WordPress Contact Us page allows your customers to reach you either through phone call, messaging or email.

STEP 5: Install Plugins

The purpose of plugins is to add functionalities to your business website. If you have appointment schedule services, then better to add appointment scheduling plugin. Plugin for testimonials may also work to attract potential customers.

STEP 6: Search Engines Optimization

In order to enhance the organic traffic and search ranking of your website content, using relevant keywords can do wonders.

STEP 7: Promote Your Website

Other ways for your business website to attract visitors are strengthening your presence on social media, online directories, and local SEO.

A reliable Windows 10 PC business can gain customers through building a well-designed and informative WordPress website.